2023 ELECTIONS: Mr. Godwin Emefiele speaks on 2023 presidency election and nomination forms.

The Central Bank Governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele, has said that he would pursue a choice on the 2023 administration in a couple of days.

He expressed this in a progression of tweets on Saturday.

The CBN lead representative had gone under weighty criticism over the All Progressives Congress’ Presidential Expression of Interest and Nomination forms allegedly gotten for him by ranchers and friends.

he said, “I’m humbled by the developing interest of those requesting that I campaign for the Position of Presidency in the 2023 general elections, I have not come to that choice. I note and salute the penances of those ranchers and loyalists going to the extent that raising individual assets and offering me Presidential Nomination Forms, I say thanks to them most abundantly.

“Nonetheless, Should I answer their calls and choose to look for official designation, I will utilize my own well deserved investment funds from 35 years of banking administration to purchase my own Nomination Forms,
without intermediaries in an open and straightforward way in full consistence with the regulations and Constitution of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“And should I not run for elected office, I will continue to serve and sacrifice for the good people of Nigeria under the able leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari. This is a serious decision that requires God’s Divine intervention: in the next few days The Almighty will so direct

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