eBay seller mistakenly posts her n*de photo while listing her Air-fryer for sale

Huge Blunder By eBay Seller After Air-Fryer Listing Includes N*de Selfie In Images.


A blundering eBay seller listed an air-fryer for sale – but included a n*de selfie in the images by mistake.

The seller listed four snaps of their Ninja Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker for auction on eBay earlier this week.


However, a fifth image featured a Private woman in her 20s standing in front of the mirror wearing nothing but a pair of black knickers.


The listing instantly received dozens of bids – with the highest offer sitting at £155 for the high-tech cooking accessory.


It had seven days still remaining on the auction time before it was removed from the selling site.


However, before it was taken down, an eagle-eyed online shopper spotted the raunchy listing and posted it on Twitter earlier this week.


They wrote: “Anybody in the market for an air fryer? There’s a brilliant offer on eBay.


“Not sure if she comes with it or not.”


The tweet was removed shortly after sharing the listing.

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