Photos: Army major kills girlfriend after she left because of domestic abuse

Friends demand justice for a domestic abuse victim who was k!lled after she decided to leave her allegedly toxic ex


Singwa Namhla Mtwa, 34, suffered abuse for years in the hands of her long term boyfriend Major Mfesane Bhekezu, friends say.

In one incident, she was allegedly b£aten by her boyfriend with a leather belt for 8 hours.


She decided to leave the tox!c relationship but was sh0t 9 times in the driveway at her home, in April 2022.


South African Twitter users are now demanding justice for the deceased.

Though her boyfriend has not been charged for her m*rder, Twitter users suggest he might have a hand in her d£ath, but they alleged no one wants to do anything about it because he is “untouchable” and a very connected businessman.


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