How Adesua Etomi saved my daughter from the claws of bullies at her school – Actress Ireti Doyle recounts

Actress Iretiola Doyle has shared how Adesua Etomi delivered her daughter from the claws of bullies at her school.


She said her daughter Jemiyo Doyle has convinced her to change her school and she did. On get getting to the school, through her performance she won her way to the student council, a decision some bullies in the school are not comfortable with.


Jemiyo reported the situation to her but did allow her deal with it and she shared it with Adesua, who made up her mind to visit the school one day.

On the said day, she was in the car and Adesua asked for permission to go pick her up. When she got to the school, she put her hands across her neck, and made her wake across the school while she waived to her friend. This particular act sent a message of ‘touch not’ to the bullies and endeared more people to her.


ireti Doyle is grateful to every of her friends, whose influence has rubbed on her daughter and made her what she is today.

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