Tension as many Zimbabwean are cutting and selling off their toes to survive due to bad economy (Photos/Video).

Many youths are seriously joining the popular trend in Zimbabwe of cutting and selling of their toes for thousands of dollars over the the high cost of living.

It was gathered that this trend is also spawned by the government’s failure to create jobs for the citizens of the southern African country.

According to social media reports, the larger toes are purchased for $40,000 (N16 million naira), while the smaller ones are bought for $20,000 (N8 million dollars). The toes can also be exchanged for big luxury cars.



South African lawyer and journalist, Barry Roux confirmed the report by sharing a video of a man struggling to walk while showing off his new luxury car after selling his toe.

He wrote: “In Zimbabwe, people have started selling their toes for thousands of dollars or for big cars. This is due to the high cost of living and failure for the government to create jobs. The toes are being bought at $40,000 dollars while the smaller ones at $20,000 dollars.”

Another video shared under his post shows the moment a young man is seen giving a car key to an elderly man whose toe was about to be cut off in exchange for the car.

A man also left a comment, revealing that he’s currently recovering after selling off his toe last week.








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