Viewer Discreet: Watch moments an angry mob k#illed and b#rned a man over bl@sphemy.

Just In: Angry mob k#lls and b#rns man over alleged bl@sphemy in Abuja.

A member of a vigilante group has been k#lled and his body set abl@ze at a market in Abuja over alleged bl@sphemy.

It was gathered that the unfortunate incident occurred at the Timber market in Lugbe, on Saturday afternoon, June 3.

Eyewitnesses said the victim, a Muslim, was known for the act of ins#lting Prophet Muhammad.

Narrating what transpired, a trader identified simply as Halilu said, β€œThe guy is known as Small Hundaru, that was not his first time of ins#lting the prophet before the action was taken.

He was caught after buying food in the market in the afternoon, because when the bl@sphemy occurred it was just few people who were there, then a stick was used to h#t him in the head.

Thereafter, he was st@ned before he ran to the office. After he was unconscious, petrol was poured over him and not to stoke any fear in the market, he was b#rnt in front of the office.”

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