Lady reveals the ‘crazy thing’ she did after she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her

A lady has narrated what she did after discovering that her boyfriend was cheating on her with someone else.


@Edina_Daves said she started suspecting that her boyfriend was cheating when he restricted her access to his phone.


When she eventually unlocked his phone, she found out that a lady she knows has been sending him her pictures.

See her full post below,


“Last week, I did something crazy but I’ve no regrets at all Cus I feel it was worth it. Noticed my boyfriend was acting fishy lately and no longer allow me access his phone like I used to.


Finally I was able to access his phone via Face ID while he was sleeping day before yesterday then quickly Went through his WhatsApp and saw series of nudes from this lady I know but we haven’t even talked before.


I reached out to her asking her why her nudes was on my bf phone and she replied me savagery which really pissed me off!


Well I sent a friend request to her dad via Facebook and man accepted my request asap.I then sent him every piece of his daughter’s nudes idc 💁🏽


Yes its very possible to unlock an iPhone via face ID when a person is asleep!!! “nocturnal lagophthalmos.” Not really a disease but it’s nature,you can usually close your eyes most of the way when you sleep, but not completely. And my boyfriend exhibits nocturnal lagophthalmos.”

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