“delayed but not denied, what God cannot do does not exist “, – lady celebrates finally getting married at the age of 52

A lady has expressed her deepest gratitude to God as she finally ties the conjugal knot at the age of 52.


It is the dream of lots of young dames to get married in their 20s or latest, late mid 30s and it becomes a thing of worry when they’re past 39 and still not married.


Family and friends and even the society could begin asking questions and some making snide remarks about the spinster.

The Nigerian lady who has finally found a husband at 52 has taken to her social media page to reveal that she’s finally getting married.


In the video she shared, the beautiful bride could be seen properly attired and being trailed by her maid of honor as they set for the wedding venue.


She captioned the video:


“What God cannot do does not exist“

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