5 Children of Famous Nigerian Movie Stars Who Are Into Modelling (Photos)

Nigerian actors and actresses are by far some of the most beloved and most recognizable people in the country. People love movie stars, people are curious about the lives of movie stars, and as an extension of that, people are also interested in seeing the children of movie stars. A lot of the time, people hope that a celebrity’s child would go on to continue in the path of their parent and pursue a career in acting. But that doesn’t always happen, in fact it rarely does. Celebrity children tend to go into other professions and one particular profession that is on the rise for a lot of celebrity children it seems is modeling and influencing.

Today, we’ll be counting down 5 Children Of Famous Nigerian Movie Stars Who Are Into Modelling. Are you ready to see who they are? Then let’s go!

1. Oghenetega Mofe-Damijo


Oghenetega Mofe-Damijo popularly known as Tega Mofe is a fashion model who also happens to be the son of popular Nollywood actor and industry legend, Richard Mofe-Damijo.

Tega on his own has currently amassed a following of over 23,000 people on Instagram and is also on Twitch and Tiktok. His dad is also very often in his comments gingering him and commenting sweet cute words. The boy does take some really good pictures. Don’t you agree?

2. Meraiah Ekeinde



The second celebrity child model on our list is none other than Meraiah Ekeinde, the daughter of popular Nigerian actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde.

Meraiah is based in Lagos and Los Angeles and works in fashion and as a beauty model. On her Instagram, she has been able to amass a following of over 182,000 followers. Her mother, Omotola, can regularly also be seen in her comments section hailing her and praising her looks. Meraiah too takes some really good pictures. What do you think?

3. Michelle Aigbe

The next celebrity child model on our list is Michelle Aigbe, the daughter of celebrated actress, Mercy Aigbe.

In addition to modeling, Michelle also has her own beauty line Michelle Beauty. She is also an ambassador for Fashion Nova. On her Instagram, Michelle has amassed over 1.1 Million followers and has a verified account. She takes some awesome pictures as well. Don’t you agree?

4. Ashton Akinrimisi

The fourth celebrity child model on today’s list is Ashton Akinrimisi who just so happens to be the son of the one and only, Shaffy Bello.

Ashton is based abroad. In addition to modeling, he also works as an image and brand consultant, as well as doing marketing for companies like RCA Records and HBO Max. On his Instagram, he has amassed over 11,000 followers and it’s no wonder because the boy also takes some really good pictures. Don’t you agree?

5. Priscilla Ojo

The final celebrity child model on our list is the most popular of them all. It’s Priscilla Ojo who is the daughter of Yoruba actress, Iyabo Ojo.

Priscilla has done a very good job of building a personal brand of her own. She is a model, brand influencer, and has amassed over 2 Million followers on her verified Instagram page. Priscilla takes some very stunning pictures as well.


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