“Nobody Stood Up?” – Reactions As Nursing Mother Stands In The Train While Oyinbo People Sit

The video of a young black lady carrying her baby while standing in a train abroad while others sat has stirred up reactions on social media.

The lady was seen holding on to a pole above her head, while singing that she is a strong woman.

However, the passengers around her not bothered as they sat on their seats.

Netizens have reacted to her tiktok video noting that such things never happen in Africa as a people would have instantly given up their seat for her.

While some Netizens praised the lady, some were more concerned about the extra weight she had on her back.

The video has gathered over 2 million views with thousands of comments.

Here are some comments below:

@masimane said wrote:

“Us Africans are raised differently this cannot happen in our public transport God continue blessing us.”

@delibaby2222 wrote:

“So you are telling me those people didn’t give you a sit knowing you have a baby behind you.”

@cutsey27 wrote:

“it’s the pretending to look anywhere but @ her for me.”

@markan hewana wrote:

“This is never happn in ethiopia thank god am african.”

@Madrinah Bae said:

“Super woman standing but still happy. I love the courage babe.”

Watch the video Here:




















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