“I Divorced My Husband After He Was Sent To Jail” – Young Lady(Watch)

A young lady with the Tiktok username @amelliamoneyy has claimed that she divorced her husband after he was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

She stated that she’s fine with her decision and would never feel guilty for her actions in any way.

The young lady mentioned that although she will miss him, she doesn’t regret the decision.

She went on to reveal that her husband didn’t tell her his source of income. Replying those condemning her move, Armellia released another video to tell them that they are not aware of the full story.

She disclosed that the man never told her what he was doing for money.

The mother stated that her son who is almost two years old deserves better and for that reason alone she is grateful.

Here are some Comments:


“If he loved her enough he wouldn’t have jeopardised his freedom to be with her.”

SweetLittleSisters said:

“A man won’t wait so why should us women.”

Truss me daddy said: “Who’s holding a 11 year sentence down???? I’m with you on this one.”

The Great Kemonna said:

“Dear universe, the girls are getting it.”

Hellert6 said:

“As a man, you did the right thing. I would tell my sisters to divorce a man like that as well. He failed in honouring his family.”

Hall Party said:

“11yrs? I wouldn’t even wait 2yrs.”

D said:

“Girl, run and get you a rich boyfriend.”

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