How I Dealt With Fine Boy Who Tried to Date Me and Bobrisky For Money – Nkechi Blessing

Nigerian actress Nkechi Blessing and socialite Bobrisky have had their fair share of online combat. One of the reasons I’m discovering today why they used to fight was because men who approached Nkechi also approached Bob and that used to cause problems. I’ll let you see what Nkechi herself said about the whole thing so without further ado, here’s what Nkechi Blessing said about the fine boys who tried to date her and Bobrisky for money and how she dealt with it.

Speaking during an appearance on Behind The Glam with Uti Nwachukwu, Nkechi Blessing was asked about Bobrisky:

“You guys had an issue where the same fine boys were around you when they were hanging with him?”

Yes, they were hanging with him. A particular one came to me and was telling me “Bob is this, Bob is that”, I was like “guy, he’s not this”. So he went there and painted another story to Bob. Bob called me and said “Nkechi you said this?” Luckily it was a chat conversation. I screenshotted everything and I sent it to Bob. Bob said “Ah, that boy dey crase,” I said “Na so you see am.” It was one of those hungry fine Instagram boys wey one naira he no get. He wanted to collect money from Bobrisky. So he now went and started painting another picture to Bobrisky. When I sent the conversation and Bob saw I actually defended him. And we’re not that close, I just have this thing that I don’t bring down people I’m close to no matter what you do to me, I don’t give room for spoiling your name. This kind of thing where boys try and jam our heads together happened almost three times.

“Why do you think the same kind of guys that come to you to gain off you also go to Bobrisky to gain off him?”

He’s a philanthropist. He gives out money every time so people want to be with him. Asides that, you know he has a large audience. Most of them just want fame, they want to be known. Being with Bobrisky, of course. He’s very famous, that is nothing to lie about, somebody wey him matter don enter state house wey commissioner, honorable dey fight am online. He is global. So most of these guys just want to be with him for fame, just like my ex. That one wanted to push whatever of his musical career and he went to Bobrisky. I said “oya bye bye”. Sheyb he sees now that when we fought, they’ve dragged his name into the matter, he can rest. That’s how it is.

“So how do you move on from things like this when you know people just want to gain from you and gain from your friends? What’s your coping mechanism?”

I used to say something most especially to some people who I have been involved with who want to be with me for fame. I will give it to you. And that is me doing it for God not because I want to collect anything from you. That is what you came for right? Take it, and let me see if it will still stay with you. It’s me that has the fame na, you just came to tap small, it will finish from your side. It will still remain on my side.

Nawa! Not Instagram fine boys being the basis of celebrity fights. This thing they call internet, hmm

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