“Your side chick won’t take care of you when you grow old”- Reaction to a video of Olu Jacobs cutting his 80th birthday cake

A footage of veteran actor Olu Jacobs cutting his birthday cake at his just concluded 80th birthday celebration has stirred reactions on social media, with many praying for his wife, Joke Silva, for standing by him despite his state of health.


Joke Silva who has been receiving accolades on social media for sticking with her husband through it all, was by his side all through the 80th birthday celebration, helping out when he needed her to.


In the footage, we see her guiding him on how to cut the cake in a sweet way.

Reacting, one Aminat wrote, “that is why it is good for men to take good care of their wives …If he wasn’t good to his wife…I guess this wouldn’t be the story…Men take care of ur wives oooo”


Watch video here:



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