Yvonne Nelson reveals secret about filmmakers says most professional uses “Juju” in colleagues (Details).


Popular Ghanaian actress and filmmaker, Yvonne Nelson, recently revealed that she has been a victim of a spiritual attack.

The 36-year-old actress disclosed this on an interview with Andy Dosty.

Yvonne also claimed that some movie professionals resort to the practice of ‘juju’ against the progress of their colleagues.


Yvonne said she suspected her food was poisoned as she was shooting Abdul Salaam’s ‘material girl’.

She encountered eye problems thereafter which kept getting worse even after several visits to an optometrist.

Nelson began to pray and fast to her recovery.

She said:

“It got to a time I couldn’t shoot anymore and I got two days off. I had to fast and pray for the two days and it went off like magic. I believe there is a force and a spiritual something happening around us,” .

She urged filmmakers to be careful of what they eat and drink on movie sets.



















































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